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Release Notes for Feb 4 | V22.2

Audience Builder

Unitized Demos Added to Crosshatch

Audience Builder users will now be able to select Unitized Demographics when setting up Crosshatch Reports. A Unitized demographic is assigned based on the rules set up for the Unit. Unitized Demographics can be either derived from the Keyman or from the consensus of the Unit. For clarification, Unitized Demographics are NOT the same as Consolidated Demographics.

Updating the Paid Term Field from Defined List to be Open-Text Search Field

The Paid Term field has been changed to be a text search box, rather than displaying all defined fields. This change will allow the user to define ranges, where previously they could not.

Audience Search

New Field for Tax Exempt Number

Tax Exempt Number will now be visible in Audience Search. This field can be edited by using the edit link. At this time the only way to enter the tax exempt number would be through the edit function in Audience Search.

Data Loader

Integrate with Wufoo Forms Using New Webhook Option

With the new “General – URL Encoded” integration type Webhook option, Data Loader can now receive data from applications that send data in URL Encoded format, including Wufoo forms.

Email Builder

Email Builder Deployment Error Notifications

Owners of Email Builder deployments will now receive email notifications if their deployment has failed and been unscheduled automatically.

Email Builder / Odyssey WYSIWYG Editor Option to Remove Indentation

The Email Builder content editors will have an option “Remove HTML Indentation” that will remove the indents in the HTML content that makes the code more readable. This will allow users to compress the email content for greater support in Email Clients like Gmail.


Filter Element Triggers Can Be Used for Not Met Conditions

In the Filter element, triggered conditions can now be used if the criteria is Not Met.


Gross Open % for Email Builder Report

We are adding Gross Open % to the Deployment Delivery report. The % will be calculated based on the Delivered Quantity.

Web Service/API

Check for Invalid Status with Customer Lookup By Email Address API

The Customer Lookup By Email Address API can now verify if an email has an Invalid status.

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