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Release Notes for V19.3

Audience Builder/OnQ

  1. Multiple Zip Code Radius Tool The zip code radius tool has been enhanced to allow multiple zip codes within the same group.  Zip Codes will need to be comma separated with no spaces and the maximum is 50.
  2. Increase timeout of user account status from 45 to 90 days.We are extending the amount of time before a user account goes inactive.


  1. Dragon Pages can now use FreshAddress to validate email address.
    FreshAddress validation can now be used on a Dragon sub form to Validate email address upon submission of page.  This tool is available to everyone, but it important to note that using it does incur a fee.

Email Builder/Omail

  1. OnQ query Suppression file the Audience Pleat of Email Builder.
    An option to select on OnQ query for a suppression file has been added to the Audience Pleat in Email Builder.


  1. Increase Visibility of the Pause Button In Odyssey
    The pause button was not very obvious in the layout of Odyssey. We have added verbiage and a boarder to make this more easily seen.  They will now appear as Pause and Resume.
  2. Add Indicator in search for paused elements in Voyage
    This new icon will alert a user to the existence of elements within a voyage that are on hold.
  3. Add the ability to archive voyages in Odyssey
    We have given the users the ability to archive older or non used voyages to eliminate the from search results, allowing the results to be a more concise list.
  4. Add Ability to Edit Email Content on Static VoyagesExpanding on the enhancement from last build we have now added the ability to edit email content on Static Voyages.
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