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Release Notes for V19.10

Audience Builder

Show Product Name for Verification Date

When working in Audience Builder you may notice a change in the Verification Date field name.  To create consistency on similar fields the Product name will now be shown for Verification date.  The Product name was already exposed for the Verification Date 1yr/2yr/3yr.  This change will hopefully make it easier to determine which Product’s Verification Date a user is selecting when working with cross product queries.

Button to Expand All/ Collapse All Groups In Query

We have added the ability to Expand all or Collapse All Groups in a query.  This will allow a user to expand all groups so that all selections may be reviewed at one time.  When all Groups are expanded you will have the option to Collapse All Groups.  This should eliminate much of the clicking that was necessary when viewing multiple groups in a query.

Campaign Tool

LeadGen Has More Frequency Options

When scheduling a LeadGen job, you will now have the added options of Quarterly and Yearly.  These options allow you to adjust timing to be the any day of the quarter or year a user desires.

Data Loader

Mapping Encrypted Customer IDs

A user will now be able to map the Encrypted Customer ID when loading data through the Data Loader UI.


URL(s) Click Condition

The URL click condition will allow a user to send customers down a specific branch based on if they clicked on a specific URL in an email element.  All URLs in the voyage will be available.  Passengers that click multiple URLs will be directed down all paths in which they meet the conditions.

Personalization Will Now Open Within Odyssey

Rather than the Personalization element sending a user to the Personalization page within the portal, Odyssey will now open Personalization within the voyage window. This will allow a user to remain within the voyage when creating and editing Personalizations.

Personalization / Olytics

Olytics Cookie ID as a Merge Variable

When tracking your visitors from one domain to another, it can be helpful to use the Olytics Cookie ID merge variable in the links within your personalization. The Olytics Cookie ID will be found in the Merge variable drop down in the Personalization UI. There are generally specific use cases where this is helpful, contact your client services representative if you have questions.

Additional Modal Content Options Have Been Added

We have added options that allow a user to render content better depending on their needs.  Wrap Inner Content will allow the Modal and Bottom Right Personalizations to wrap larger content rather than having it extend outside the the modal boundaries.  Remove Default Padding will allow the html to dictate the padding in your content.  Width Max Override will allow an override for the Max Width which is helpful when content is specified in pixels and is over the default width of 500px.

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