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Cookie Consent Management Platforms

When using a third party consent management platform like OneTrust or CookiePro, it is important to carefully consider how you’d like to handle user preferences for Omeda’s cookies.

There are three Omeda cookies that will need to be categorized within your CMP:

  • oly_enc_id
  • oly_anon_id
  • and the oly_fire_id

The oly_enc_id and oly_anon_id are required to support all CDP related functionality. The presence of these cookies are necessary for Personalizations and Meter Messages to appear on a site, and may be necessary to facilitate login functionality. The loss of these functions should be considered when categorizing to determine if users should be allowed to block these via their preferences.

The oly_fire_id cookie indicates that a users page visits are being tracked in order to better understand their behaviors on your site. If this cookie and the script are blocked, those behaviors will not be associated to the site user.

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