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Release Notes for V21.6

Audience Builder

Create Segments Tab in Configure UI
In the configure UI, a new tab has been added called segments. Here users will be able to create folders, name them and move segments into those folders. These folders will allow users to organize segment lists.

Ability to Place Segments Into Folders from Create Segments UI
From the create segments UI, users will be able to place the segment (they are saving) into either an existing folder or create a new one. If the user does not choose a folder, the segment will be placed in the default segment folder, which is current functionality.

Add Output by Distinct Email Options to Crosshatch Report
Within the crosshatch report, an additional “Output By” option is now available. Users will have the ability to output results by “Distinct Email”. This option will output the report results by unique email address.

Data Loader

Add “Process” Button to Second Top Bar of Mapping
A button to begin processing has been added to most mapping steps so that processing can be started from any step.

Email Builder

Allow Customized Logo on Email Builder Preference Pages
Logos specific to individual Omeda preference pages can now be set through the logo settings screen in settings.


Export Element Tooltip/Validation Updates
Additional validation has been added to the export element to prevent users from setting the start and end date for an export to the same day. A tooltip has also been added explaining that an export will not occur on the selected end date.

Suppression Updates
Audience suppression counts will now update within the element pleat to display the updated count after a voyage begins. Additionally, on the canvas itself, the suppressed audience count will display beneath the audience element. This will allow users to see how many audience members were suppressed.

Send Notification Email When A/B Test Winner is Determined
After a winner has been determined from an A/B test, an email notification will be sent to the voyage creator with information from the winning email element.

Allow Inline Injection Personalization Type
Odyssey voyages can now use inline personalization types within the personalization element.


Suppress Personalization/Meter From Firing if an Omeda Form is Found Embedded on a URL
To prevent session conflicts for users who experience two Form Builder forms displayed at the same time within two separate personalizations, personalization will now prevent another personalization with a form from appearing dependent on the priority of the type. By default meter messages with a form will have the highest priority but this can be toggled off from an individual meter message.

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