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Release Notes for Aug 25 | V23.12

Campaign/Event Tool

Lead Scoring Behavior Rulesets

The Behavior Rule set will now be available in the Lead Scoring UI. This new rule set allows the user to set a Lead Score to score records based on behavioral data that has been collected. There will be future iterations for this Rule set to allow easier navigation within the Behavior drop down menus.

Form Builder

Last Transaction Date and Form Expire Date Added to Download Form List Action

The Last Transaction Date of a form and the Form Expire Date (if applicable) will now be included in the Download Form List action in Form Builder. One use case for this is cleaning up old forms by monitoring expired forms, or by reviewing the last time a transaction occurred on a form.

Web Services / API

Date/Time Stamp of Form Submission added to Form Submission API

Users utilizing the Form Submission API will now be able to pull the form submission date and time from each form submission. Learn more on the Knowledge Base.

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