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Release Notes for Apr 29 | V22.6

Audience Builder Cross-Hatch Report Distinct Email Update The logic used to calculate the Distinct Email count in the Audience Builder Cross-Hatch Report has been updated to reflect the same data that is returned when the Distinct Email feature is used in the Audience Builder canvas. Tax Exempt Number Available for Output The Tax Exempt Field …

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Release Notes for Feb 4 | V22.2

Audience Builder Unitized Demos Added to Crosshatch Audience Builder users will now be able to select Unitized Demographics when setting up Crosshatch Reports. A Unitized demographic is assigned based on the rules set up for the Unit. Unitized Demographics can be either derived from the Keyman or from the consensus of the Unit. For clarification, …

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Release Notes for V21.14

Audience Builder New Field in Audience Builder Shows Most Recent Email Client In the Email Builder section of Audience Builder, a new option will be visible in the opens and clicks sections called “Email Client”. This field allows users to target by the email client (browser) used for the last open/click. Query Dates for Form …

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