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Omeda Academy – Quick-Start Guide

The Omeda Academy offers courses for each part of the platform and courses structured by experience level. The courses are a great way to learn core skills and discover best practices.

To get started, after you login through single sign-on at, select Omeda Academy from the navigation bar. You will be taken to the Omeda Academy home page where you can access all courses. You can search for courses using the search bar at top or select course categories using the drop down under the Browse Courses: heading.

For each course, you will see in the left-hand corner your enrollment status. You will need to enroll in each course you want to take. Enrollment is free.

To start the course, click on the Continue Study button.

The progress bar at the bottom will show your status in the course.

From the Omeda Academy page, you can manage your profile and view your enrollments and course progress by clicking on the avatar in the upper righthand corner. You will also find the Omeda Academy Leaderboard in this section so you can see how you stack up against other users.

Once you have selected the course you want to take, you will be taken to the main page for the course where you will find a description of the course, as well as a link to any related course materials.

To start the course, you will select the first lesson under the Course Content.

Within each lesson, you will want to select the Mark Complete button before moving onto the next lesson.

Some lessons will include short quizzes to test your knowledge on the lesson. These can be found in the Lesson Content section. Be sure to take these quizzes as they are required to complete the course and received your certificate.

Each course will include a final quiz that is required to receive your certificate of achievement.

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