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Release Notes for V18.14

Audience Search

Email Status Now Viewable on Search Screen

In your Audience Search results, the email status will now appear below the email address. If the email address has been flagged as a bounce, you will see it flagged in red as “Invalid Email”. This will assist you when doing your searches.

Email Validity Data

If you are using our new partner, FreshAddress, to assign validity scoring to your email addresses, the data will now appear on the customer record. You can find the scoring value and data directly under the email address. This is a great new tool which now can be utilized during calls to your customer service number.


Data Push to Facebook

The Facebook integration now has the option to also push the phone number in order to get better matching results. If the phone number is chosen, a single phone number will be sent to Facebook in the following priority order – mobile first, then primary, then most recently active phone number. Our tests have found that your match rate should increase!


Form Listener Now Available!

As part of our CDP solution, we now have the ability to capture data on form submissions from forms not hosted by us. There is currently the ability to output the data to nightly csv files to an sftp location. You also have the option to process the data to your database via our Auto Processor. Please contact for further details and instructions to implement this.

Reports & Analytics

Add Kill Change by Reason

A new add kill report has been developed that includes paid/non-paid transfers and active version transfers which help to explain variances from one issue to the next. It will provide you with more detailed information for completing your audit statements if you are reporting adds and removals. Please contact your account manager with any further questions.

Audience Report Enhancements

Three additional reports are now available to make your issue close stats more informative! The Source by Verification Date report and the Source by Verification Date and Media report will now additionally show class 2 and 3 records. Additionally, the Verification Date by Demo Date report will now show class 3 records. Please contact your account manager with any specific questions on this.

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