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Email – Advanced Features

  • If you send periodic emails on a regular frequency, you can save time by learning about recurring deployments.
  • Do you want to run a series of deployments that take into account who has or has not responded to earlier deployments in the series? Triggered Deployments will help you accomplish this.
  • Interested in testing out your content for the best results? Try out our automated AB Testing deployments.
  • We now offer the the ability to send one deployment, but dynamically swap out small portions of content based on your customers attributes, called Dynamic Content.
  • Let your subscribers have more control over what they are subscribed to with the Omail Preference Page.
  • Check out our helpful documentation on Assigning Link Tracking Categories and Web Tracking.
  • You can use our Auto-approval and Scheduling option on our Recurring Series to automatically send out notifications to certain segments of your customers. Check out our instructions to setup Automated ACS Notifications.
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