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Release Notes for July 22 | V22.10

CDP (Olytics, Personalization, Metering)

New Olytics Cookie oly_fire_id

A new cookie will be created by the javascript with the behavior id set as the value. This cookie will indicate when the user’s visits are being tracked, and will be blockable by third-party cookie consent managers if a user prefers not to be tracked.

Email Builder

Canceling Email Builder A/B Test Winning Deployments

Previously, the A/B Test winning deployments could not be canceled or prevented from deploying because they were not yet created until the test time period had elapsed. Now, in the Email Builder UI, these deployments can be canceled from the Sample deployment page.


Anonymous to Known Report

Similar to the dashboard metric, this report represents the number of previous Anonymous audience members that merged with, or converted into, a Known audience member over a given time period. When run, the report shows a breakdown by Domain and Month.

Odyssey Voyage Summary Report

This report enables users to analyze the audience who has visited each element in one or more voyages. Users can select a start and end date, the voyage status, element types, and individual voyages and the report will return the audience members who have visited each element, including the Goal element and the average length of time an audience member was in the voyage before meeting the goal.

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