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Odyssey – Split Element

The Split element can be used within any Odyssey voyage to randomly assign the audience into two or more different paths depending on the percentage assigned for each path. 

If your voyage is currently in progress and the Split element has not yet been visited, the element can be paused so that the split percentages can be changed. Simply Pause the element, make your changes, and click resume.

Using the Split Element

After a split element is added to the canvas, the element must be connected to the proceeding branches in order to select the percentage of the audience that should be advanced to each branch.

Once the element has been connected to the proceeding branches, the element can be renamed from the default, “Split 1”, and the connected elements will be listed in the element inspector on the right side of the canvas.

Beside each connected element, the user can specify the percentage of the audience that should be directed to that element. If there are two connections, the percentage will be prepopulated for the second connection so that the total percentage between the two splits will equal 100%. If there are three connections, the percentage will be prepopulated for the third element, and so on.

The Split percentages can also be edited from the connections themselves, by clicking the connecting arrow and editing the percentage value.

Connections and the Split Element

Each element in a Voyage can be connected to and from a subset of other elements. The available connections for the Split element are listed below.

These elements can connect to a Split elementThese elements can be connected from a Split element
Form Submit
Facebook Ad Manager
Facebook Event Manager
AdRoll CRM Audience
Adroll Event Based Audience
Google Ad Manager
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