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Release Notes for V18.16

User Experience

Added A Knowledge Base Link

There is now a new column added to our Menu Ribbon for Support.  It contains a link to our new Knowledge Base as well as a link to our Contact Page.

Audience Search

Now Shows The Product Expire Date & Payment Status

Product Expire Date & Payment Status have been added to the Audience Search Results when a specific Product is requested as part of the search.

Web Services

Added “Authentications” and “ExternalIds” fields to SCANDO

The Save Customer And Order (SANDO) API has been updated to allow multiple External Ids to be sent in the Request at once, currently only a single one can be sent in at time.  Also SCANDO has been updated to accept the Authentication fields (Username/Password), currently in order to add Authentication fields to a customer a separate API call is required.

Email Builder

Removed the one click unsubscribe from Insert Merge Variable drop down

Since the preferred method is for clients is to use the Double Opt Out option, the simple (one page) unsubscribe link from ‘Insert Merge Variable’ drop down has been removed.

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