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Form Builder – Using the PayPal Payment Method

The PayPal Pay Now payment method can be used as an alternate payment method on Form Builder forms. This allows your customers to log in to their own PayPal accounts to make a payment using the various PayPal supported Payment Methods. The PayPal Pay Now functionality cannot be used for subscriptions with Auto Renew.

To get started, you will first need to determine and provide the Rest API Client Id and Client Secret for your PayPal Business account. You can access this information within your PayPal account by searching for API in the App Center.

You will need to provide the Client Id and Client Secret to Omeda and these credentials will be used to create the Payment Credentials in Settings.

After the Payment Credentials have been created, the PayPal elements can then be added to a Form Builder form.

The PayPal Form Builder elements can be found in the Paid section of the builder and include the following:

  • The Payment Method element – this element will allow your customers to choose whether they would like to pay using a credit card or PayPal. With no additional setup, the element will display either the HPCI credit card information and the standard Submit button or the PayPal Pay Now button.
  • The PayPal – Pay Now Button – this button will replace the submit button on the payment page of your form if the PayPal Payment Method is selected. Customers can click this button to make a payment with their PayPal account.

These elements will need to be pulled onto the payment page in Form Builder. The resulting page should look something like the screen shot below.

On the form itself the Payment Flow will work like shown in the video below:

Testing Note: In Staging, PayPal transactions will be visible in the PayPal Sandbox. In Production, transactions from the the Test will not be processed to PayPal. Transactions from the live form will be processed to your PayPal Business account.

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