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Release Notes for Sep 23 | V22.13

Audience Builder

Most Recent Engagement Clicks

In the Most Recent Engagement AB skittle we have added an option to allow users to target the Most Recent Engagement Date by Email Clicked. This option will return customers that have clicked within the actual email. There will be a follow up ticket to address the speed in which Email Click data is returned.

Rollback an Issue Build

Users can now roll back an issue build directly in the UI. This new functionality will only be available on the most recently applied Issue Build.

CDP (Olytics, Personalization, Metering)

Content Recommendations for Personalization

Users with permission can now configure our Content Recommendations algorithm to run across a specific domain’s page visits to deliver recommendations to users via Personalization. The algorithm uses collaborative filtering to determine which pages a user might visit based on their previous behaviors and that of other users in their cohort. A Personalization can be created to promote these recommended links specific to each user.

Users can generate Content Recommendations to insert into a Personalization message.

A list of recommended links, specific to each page visitor, is shown above.

Users can exclude pages from being recommended.

Content Recommendations can be configured to run on your Olytics behaviors.

Register here to learn more about Content Recommendation.

Form Builder

Ability to Create Multi-Product Combo Promos in Campaign Tool to be Used on Forms

Users can build multi-product combo offers in Campaign Tool using a single Promo Key. When the Promo Key is entered on the primary product’s forms, the combo offer will automatically display, replacing the form’s default pricing.

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