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Form Submit Report

The Form Submit report provides a summary of Omeda Form Builder form submissions broken out by week.  This report is useful to track submissions for a specific form, or across multiple forms.  For example, track the number of renewal form submissions throughout the year; or track weekly lead form submissions over the course of a LeadGen campaign.

The report filters are composed of Start Date, End Date and optional Form Title.  To profile all forms withing a given date range, select the Form Title filter NULL option:

To filter by form, form titles can be entered directly, or wildcards (%) can be used:

Each weekly count will show the number of customers who submitted a given form within each week.  Weeks are determined by the report date range; so week 1 is the first 7 days from the report start date, week 2 is day 8 to 14, etc.  Hovering over a Week header will display the date range for the specific week.  Here, the report start date is 3/1 so week 1 runs between 3/1 and 3/7:

Counts are clickable and return a more detailed accounting for the form submission, including the products for which a customer registered.

The Detail report shows 5 customers submitted the form, representing 12 product registrations.

The first two rows show Jane Smith submitted the ACME Form Submit Test form on 3/12/2021 and registered for 2 products, Picotech News and Tiny Tech Magazine. Jane’s submission counts as 1 form submit and 2 product registrations.

The report can be used to show weekly form submissions for an eBook campaign.

Or, the report can be exported to Excel to run filters, pivots and charts.  For example, plotting renewal form submissions might suggest opportunities for spreading renewal campaigns throughout the year:

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