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Release Notes for V21.2

Audience Builder

Crosshatch Dynamic Totals Output in CSV Format

The output format for the dynamic number totals on the Cross Hatch report has been updated to be csv. Previously, even though csv was specified for the total report, the files for the dynamic number totals were output in txt format.

New Field for Outputting Relative Dates

A new field has been created for Outputs (Audience Builder and Lead Gen) called Today. This field will allow the user to output relative dates within a file, using our standard formula of (today +or- X number). The user will also have the ability to choose the date format that is output within the file, allowing this to be very customizable. This field will need to be configured into the Outputs to be utilized in Audience Builder and Lead Gen.

Default Change for Email Behavior Data “Counts Based On” Condition to Email

The Email Behavioral selection fields in Audience Builder will now be defaulted to “Counts Based on Email” rather than be based on Customer. The “Counts Based on Email” is the most commonly selected option and will now be the default.

Previous Promo Code for Newsletter Products

The Previous Promo Code field has been exposed for Newsletter products to allow users to query this field in Audience builder. Previously, this field was available only for Magazine products. This field will need to be configured into the Audience Builder library to be utilized.

Audience Search

Intelligent Product Search in Audience Search Products Section

An intelligent search text box has been added to the Products header in Audience Search allowing users to filter the products list down to a targeted view quickly and easily.

Form Builder

Campaign Rates Should Not Display Until Country and Requested Version are Selected

If the campaign rate has a Country and Requested Version [assigned in the Campaign Tool], the rate in Form Builder doesn’t display until a value has been entered for Country and Requested Version. If no campaign rate exists for that promo with the selected country and requested version, then the form builder rates can display if one applies.

Term and Time Periods for Paid Website Products

Form Builder now allows users to create Paid elements for Website Products. When creating a Paid element, if a Website type product is selected a new drop down will display allowing the user to select the Time Period for the product in Days, Weeks, Months or Years. The user will provide the numeric value in the Term field. The subscriber’s access will expire after the term plus time period.


Edit Export Element While in Progress

Export elements in an Odyssey voyage can now be Paused and modified while a Voyage is In Progress.


Allow Users to Export Full Demographic Dump

A new option has been added to the Toolbox drop down menu called Export Demographic Dump. Clicking this option will allow the user to download a “demo dump” of all active demos and their responses which are emailed to the address associated with the user’s login.

Web Services / API

Add Hashed Email Address to the Email Lookup and Customer Comp Lookup APIs

The Hashed Email Address field has been added to the Email Lookup and Customer Comp Lookup APIs.

Remove HH:mm:ss Requirement on SCANDO API Behavior Date

The Save Customer and Order API or otherwise known as the “SCANDO” API has been updated so that “Behavior Date” will allow for yyyy-MM-dd and yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss formats.

API to Return Order History on Product Type 10 ‘Sales’

A new API has been created to return the Order History for Sales product types. This product type differs from product type 1 ‘Magazine’ in that multiple active orders can be listed under this product type creating the need for its own API to return the data.

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