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Odyssey – Reporting

Odyssey Reporting enables users to review the performance of a Voyage while it’s in progress or after it is completed. You can view the reporting numbers for Voyages that are currently In Progress or Done. To access the reporting, click on the Voyage you’d like to analyze from your brand’s list.

Once you click into the Voyage, there are two options available to view the Voyages reporting:

  1. Click “Reporting: OFF” on the Voyage canvas to toggle the reporting on
  2. Click on the ellipsis icon “…” in the top right corner and click “View Analytics

Viewing Reporting within a Voyage

Each element in the voyage will display analytics based on the number of audience members that reached the element and their behavior. These metrics can be exported by clicking the ellipsis icon, “…”, at the top right and selecting “Export (PDF)”.
Using ‘View Analytics’
After selecting the ‘View Analytics’ option from the ellipsis icon, “…”, on the top right of the screen, individual metrics will be displayed for each element. For continuous voyages, metrics will be broken out by date for each element.
Reporting Figures by Element
Email Audience Size: the number of people in your audience
Delivered: the number of emails that were delivered to your audience
Unique Opens: the number of emails that were opened
Unique Clicks: the number of emails that were clicked through (if they had a link)
Personalization Audience Size: Number of customers that were targeted with the personalization message
Impressions: Number of views of the message (One person may see the message multiple times)
Unique Impressions: Number of people who have seen the message
Unique Clicks: Number of people who have clicked on the link within the message (if there is a link)
Facebook/Instagram Audience Size: Number of people who can be targeted with the Facebook or Instagram ad
Pushed: Number of customers in a list that were pushed through to Facebook or Instagram for the audience for the ad
The following all only display Audience Size: Audience
Google Ad Manager
View Reports for Emails
When you have emails included in your voyage, further reporting is available for each deployment. These can be found in Email Builder under Search > Regular Deployments > and by selecting Odyssey Only as the “Sent As” value. You can select an View Summary or View Report to access the following reports.

Heat Map: Displays unique and gross click data as an overlay on your actual content.  The Heat Map is only able to show clicks that occurred on the html version.
Preview Content: Will show what the email looked like
Delivery Throughput and Response Statistics Final List Qantity: Number of people who were to be sent the email
Delivered Quantity: Number of emails that received the email
Bounced Quantity: Number of emails that did not get delivered
Response Categories: The actions that recipients took in regard to the email
Link URL: The different links from the email are listed and then a unique and total count of clicks for each of them is displayed.
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