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Release Notes for Jan 27 | V23.2

Audience Search Order Screen Verifi(cation) Date

The pre-populated date in the Audience Search Order Entry UI for the Verifi(cation) Date field has been removed. The field is still a required field. This change will force the user to be conscience of the date used in that field. When the current date was pre-populated it allowed the user to miss the true order date.

Email Builder

Allow Pre-header to be Copied to Triggered Deployments

When setting up Triggered deployments, allow the pre-header to be copied along with other message content fields when selecting “copy message content settings from this master split to all triggered deployments”.


Odyssey Autosave

Users in Odyssey can now turn on Autosave to save their changes automatically for voyages that are not yet scheduled. Elements that require the user to apply their changes like the Email WYSIWYG editor and Designer, will still need to be applied in order to be auto-saved. To easily see the changes that have been saved by the user, we’ve moved the Modification History for the voyage to be available from the ellipsis menu on the Canvas.

Use Background Image for a Row in Designer / Bee Plugin

Users can now use a background image for a row in an Odyssey Email element using the Designer.

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