Release Notes for Nov 4 | V22.15

Audience Builder Canceled Orders Omitted from Output in Audience Builder A new option will be available for outputting orders that will allow the user to output all orders except canceled orders. If the order has been canceled (and refunded), it would not be output for the customer. CDP (Olytics, Personalization, Metering) Increased Metering Reauthorization Period …

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Release Notes for July 22 | V22.10

CDP (Olytics, Personalization, Metering) New Olytics Cookie oly_fire_id A new cookie will be created by the javascript with the behavior id set as the value. This cookie will indicate when the user’s visits are being tracked, and will be blockable by third-party cookie consent managers if a user prefers not to be tracked. Email …

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Release Notes for V21.16

Audience Search View Olytics Visits/Occurrences When Olytics Tags are not Defined for Site In cases where clients have Olytics on their site, but did not include an Olytics tag, those page visits are now broken out within Audience Search. CDP (Olytics, Personalization, Metering) Consent Manager Last Scan Date to be Displayed The Last Scan Date …

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Release Notes for V21.15

Audience Builder Output Files in Excel Format When outputting a text file from Audience Builder, users can now choose to output the file to Excel if the the file does not exceed file size limitations. CDP (Olytics, Personalization, Metering) Ability to Edit Cookie Management Tab When the CMP is Active Users can now scan for …

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Metering – Reporting

Meter Reporting There are two types of reporting associated with the Meter tool: Site-level Reports You can access the report for the domain (site-level) information on the home page for all the meters you have set up at the bottom, in the “Sites” table you will see an option “Meter Report” Individual Messaging Reports You …

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Metering Overview

Getting Started Metering is Omeda’s tool for using paywalls, gating content, and providing subscription based services for digital media providers. The Meters are customizable for your specific site, so you can configure your gated pages in exactly the way you want to. They will be used to limit the number of page views visitors have …

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