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Release Notes for V19.15


Profiles Option Available in Odyssey

A user can now select a Profile while in Odyssey.  Odyssey Voyages created within that profile are copied to the Master, but not to any other profiles that exist on the Database.

Audience Builder

Data Loader File Name Searching in Audience Builder

We have added a new field in Audience Builder called “Data Loader File Name”.  This field is a text search field that will allow a user to search for Data Loader files by the file name.  This field will be able to search using the entire file name or a partial name using a wild card.  This field will need to be configured into your Audience Builder field library.  Please consult your Account Manager for assistance.

Keywords and Data Loader Files

Users can now tag a file with a keyword when they load it through the Data Loader UI. They can then search for that keyword in Audience Builder to isolate all records loaded for that topic.  This field is located on the right hand side of the Data Loader UI, near the bottom of the Details Pane.  Files can have any number of keywords assigned to them, allowing users to customize which records are isolated together. For instance, a user may tag multiple registration lists with an event name to pull all records into one query.   This field will need to be configured into the Audience Builder field library in order to utilize it for searching.  Please consult your Account Manger for assistance.

Data Loader

Check Status Button Being Removed

Users will no longer have to click the Check Status button in the Data Loader UI to see the change in status, the status will be updated automatically. The check status button from Data Loader’s File Detail page has been removed.

Data Loader Omatch Selection Options

Users can now pick which Omatch algorithms they wish to run against their file. These would look up existing customers and attach the winning customer ID to the incoming data. There is no review process, therefore the quality of that match must be high. Data Loader will use the same score as the normal processor when doing these matches. Options the user can choose from are Name + Address, Name + Email and Name + Phone.

Data Loader Deployment Mapping

Users will now be able to map incoming files to any number of deployment types (or all) in the Data Loader UI.  A single field can be used to map to multiple deployment types.  The response in the file should be In or Out.

Excessive Errors Fail the Data Loader File

When a user loads a file through the Data Loader UI that is problematic, meaning it has excessive errors, the file will fail to allow the user to correct issues.

View File State

The “View Rows with Errors” has been expanded and renamed to “View File State”.  This new view will present the user with more details around where errors are concerned to make correcting these errors easier.

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