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Release Notes for V20.1

Audience Builder

Link in Audience Builder (OnQ) to Allow Users to Copy URL that Opens the Current Saved Query
An icon will now be available for users to copy the URL for a saved Audience Builder query and then paste that URL where needed.  The user clicking the link will need to be logged into the Portal in order to access the page. A user that is not logged into the portal would be directed to the login page upon clicking the URL.

AdRoll and Facebook Integrations 
For our CDP (olytics) clients we have added 2 Audience Builder skittles: Facebook Events Manager and AdRoll Event Based Audiences. These skittles allow users to query for known and/or anonymous customers that have been synced and identified in Facebook/AdRoll.  These new skittles will require configuration to access them in Audience Builder.

On24 Integration Enhancement: Tags 
In an effort to help organize the On24 data, the values passed for the Tag category in the On24 nightly feed will now be allowed to be used to create Behavior Attributes. Users can now search on these fields in Audience Builder.

Form Builder

Allow Contexts to be Clickable for the Current Live Site
The “Context” name will now be a clickable field in Form Builder. This will allow users to preview the page more fluidly with fewer steps.

Warning Message When Default Input is not Selected
When a user creates a new Form Builder form, if an input is selected the user will receive an alert that says “WARNING: Processing Input MUST BE assigned. Please contact your Omeda Representative for assistance”.  The form will not be able to be published until this has been updated.

Allow Users to See Input Definitions for a Form Builder Page as READ ONLY
On the “Create a Site”, or the “Edit a Site” page, clients will be able to see if an input has been assigned (to allow data to process). This field will be read only and only for informational purposes. If an Input has not been assigned the field will say No Input Assigned allowing the user to alert an Omeda Representative for assistance in assigning this input number.

Output Site List for Profile/Product
A new option has been added to the Form Builder main page called “Download Site List”, allowing a user to access a complete list of sites for a product. The user will need to select a Profile and then a Product, then click Download Site List and the list will be exported using Excel.


Cloned Elements Now Keep the Same Name and Are Incremented By One
When cloning an Odyssey element, the name will be kept from the original and incremented by one.  Meaning if my element name is Engaged, the clone of that element would be Engaged 2.


New Targeting Settings in Metering
New targeting settings have been added to Metering to allow users to: Target by URL parameters, Exclude by URL parameters, Target by entry point, and Exclude by entry point.


Clickbot Summary Report – Column Added for Percentage of Total Clicks Negated
A column has been added to the Clickbot Summary Report showing the percentage of the total clicks that were negated.

Resolve Reporting Service Error Time Out
Back end enhancements have been made to eliminate the Reporting Service Timeout error.  This should greatly impact the flow of users for the better by eliminating the need to continually sign in and out to reestablish a connection with the SSRS server.

Data Loader

Validation: Incoming Name Matches Existing
Validation has been added to verify that the name on the existing customer_id matches the incoming name. If this Validation rule is selected and the incoming name is below an 85% match,  the error will show on the File State screen under Row Errors. The same logic that is used for Dupe Check, Merge Purge, Omatch, etc.

Validation: Junk Names
Adding to Validation rules, a user can now use Detect Junk Names as one of the Validation Options.  Names with no vowels, over 6 consecutive consonants, repeating letters and a few specific names like test, tester and testing are all considered junk names.

Archive Processed Files
After a file has entered the Completed or Processed with Error statuses, the Delete option (in the file drop down) has been replaced with an option to Archive the file.  This will allow users to keep their queue manageable, but still allow them the ability to restore that file when necessary.

File List Paging and Basic Searches Added
Paging has been added to allow a user to better navigate through lengthy lists of loaded files.  To make isolating a specific file easier, users can now search by file name, template name, owner, file status, or template status.

“File is Processing” Notice
The message received when a user is not allowed to edit a mapping has been updated.  It will now say, “This template is currently Processing and the ability to change the mapping is disabled” to help users understand why they cannot edit the mapping at that time.

Template Clarity Pass
All references to “Mappings” will now be changed to “Templates”.  Users will also be prompted for a name when creating a template and when cloning a template it will be cloned as a reusable template.

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