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SMS – Collecting Opt-Ins

Opt-ins are important in order to send SMS messages. There are various was you can designate & collect opt-ins in Omeda, via Audience Search, Data Loader & Form Builder.

Audience Search

In Audience Search, when viewing a customer, you can add and designate a mobile phone number in their contact info. Under the Email Opt In / Opt Out section, there is a new SMS Opt In / Opt Out section where you can designate the opt-in status of a customer. Message Types you have already created will appear here to manually adjust which types the customer is opted in or out of, by phone number.

Data Loader:

New Message Type Category and Country Calling Code field users can map to. If a Message Type is mapped, the Mobile Phone field will be required.

New Message Type mapping step where users can map their incoming values for that message type.

Form Builder:

New Field Display option on Phone fields (Cell Phone, Phone Number, Foreign Phone, and Gift Recipient Phone) called **Country Calling Code.**This will display a Phone field on the form that collects country code.

New Message Type content section in the builder. Users can drag on the Message Type content onto the form to collect SMS opt ins/outs.

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