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Product Lookup by Brand API


This API provides capabilities to retrieve the defined products of a single brand. This service is useful for building your own data mapping service when reading or writing from/to other Omeda services.

General Technical Requirements

The following technical requirements apply to all requests for this API.

Base Resource URI



brandAbbreviationis the abbreviation for the brand

HTTP Headers

The HTTP header must contain the following element: x-omeda-appid a unique id provided to you by Omeda to access your data. The request will fail without a valid id.

Content Type

The content type is application/json. JSONapplication/json

JSON is the preferred data exchange format, because it is lightweight and, in most cases, faster to process and utilizes less bandwidth. There are many available open-source JSON libraries available. See for details.

Supported HTTP Methods

There is one HTTP method supported:

  1. GET : See W3C’s GET specs for details.

Deployment Type Lookup by Brand

Retrieves all deployment types of a single brand.

Field Definition

The following tables describe the hierarchical data elements present on the response from the API.

Brand Elements

Element NameAlways Returned…Data TypeDescription
IdYesIntegerThe brand identifier.
DescriptionYesStringThe name of the brand.
BrandAbbrevYesStringThe abbreviation for the brand (used in most web service URLs).
ProductsYesListA list of Product elements. These specify the products that can be associated with customers for this brand.

Products Elements

Element NameAlways Returned…Data TypeDescription
IdYesIntegerThe product identifier.
ProductTypeYesInteger“Type” of Product. See Product Types.
DescriptionYesStringName of the product.
AlternateIdYesStringThis is the Product ID that is used in Omeda’s V10 system.
FrequencyNoStringFrequency of the product issues per year.
FrequencyTypeNoStringThe possible frequency types (Daily – DY, Weekly – WK, Monthly – MO, Yearly – YR, bi-weekly – BIW, bi-monthly – BIM, Manual – MA)
DeploymentTypeIdYesIntegerIf the product is linked to a DeploymentType (Omail), then this ID will be returned.
MarketingClassesNoListA list of MarketingClasses elements. These elements will only be returned if the Product Types is 1 (Magazine) or 2 (Newsletter) or 7 (Website).
IssuesNoListA list of Issues elements. These elements will only be returned if the Product Types is 1 (Magazine).
MarketingClasses Elements
Element NameAlways Returned…Data TypeDescription
IdYesIntegerMarketing class identifier.
DescriptionYesStringName of the marketing class.
ShortDescriptionYesStringA short name of the marketing class.
ClassIdYesStringMarketing class identifier associated with legacy products.
StatusCodeYesIntegerSee Marketing Class Statuses for a list of status codes and their associated values
Issues Elements
Element NameAlways Returned…Data TypeDescription
IdYesIntegerIssue identifier.
DescriptionYesStringA description for the Issue.
IssueDateYesDatetimeDate of the issue in yyyy-MM-dd format. Example: 2012-05-01.
AlternateIdYesStringOmeda’s legacy Issue ID.
StatusCodeYesByteSee Issue Status Codes for a list of status codes and their associated values.


HTTP Response Codes

200 OKThe request has succeeded. See Example Response below.
404 Not FoundIn the event no Brand Information is found, an HTTP 404 (not found) response will be returned.


  "Description":"AppDev Today",
      "Description":"AppDev Today Web Access", 
          "ShortDescription":"Need More Info",
          "Description":"Need More Information",
          "Description":"March 2012 Issue",
          "IssueDate": "2012-05-01",
          "AlternateId": "201205",
          "StatusCode": 30
          "Description":"April 2012 Issue",
          "IssueDate": "2012-04-01",
          "AlternateId": "201205",
          "StatusCode": 30
      "Description":"AppDev Today Magazine", 


         "Error":"Brand 12345 was not found."
Possible Error Messages

In the event of an error, an error response will be returned. Here are some of the possible responses you might receive.

Brand {brandId} was not found.

Additional Information

Issues – StatusCode

40Current Supplement
45Current Supplement Closed
50In Progress
55In Progress Closed

MarketingClasses – StatusCode

0Customers with this StatusCode may or may not receive the product.
1Customers with this StatusCode will receive the product.
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