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How To Use A/B Testing on your Form Builder Webform (video)

A/B Testing in Form Builder allows you test two content variations on your form to see which corresponds with the most conversions or hits.

  1. To get started, first find the “AB Test” tool under Additional Form Options in the form builder.
  2. Once you’ve clicked, you can name each test panel, or variation and adjust your split percentage. The default is set to 50% which means 50% of your site visitors will see your A Test Panel and the other 50% will see the B Test Panel.
  3. Set your start date.
  4. Choose the method by which the winner is determined from the following:
    • First variable to reach X number of conversions by hits
    • First variable to reach X number of total conversions
    • Most conversions by a specific date
  5. Depending on the win criteria you’ve chosen, you will then need to specify the winning amount or date that will determine when your A/B test is over.
  6. After setting your criteria and saving your test, click the edit button on the first element you’d like to test, then click + Display Condition button in the right panel.
  7. Select the name for your A Test Panel from the drop down. Click Save.
  8. Do the same for the second element you’d like to test. Save
  9. Publish your site.

Your A/B test will begin on your start date. After a winner is determined, the winning variable will be displayed on the form for all future visits.

You can also see the results of your test, within the form builder in the A/B Test section under Site’s Live A/B Test.

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