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Personalization – Scroll Trigger and Infinite Scroll Pages

The scroll trigger personalization lets you pick how far down the page (as a percentage) a user must scroll before the personalization is triggered. They can pick values between 5-95%. So for example, a trigger at 10% means the personalization would trigger after the visitor has not scrolled very far. A value of 80% would mean the visitor scrolled nearly to the bottom of the page.

Scroll Trigger with Infinite Scroll Page(s)

The scroll trigger is based on how far down the “scroll bar” goes on the right side of the browser. In this image on the right, the dark area of the bar is about 50% down the page. If a personalization was setup to trigger at 50% scroll – it would trigger here.

With Infinite Scroll Pages, the scroll trigger will run as it would with standard scroll pages. When someone visits an Infinite Scroll page and scrolls down – the scrolling bar will move 50, 60, 70 even 80% down the page before the “infinite scroll” loads more content. Depending on what technology is being used to achieve the infinite scroll affect, there may be some variation in how the targeted URL will define the various percentages.

When you are setting up a scroll trigger personalization on an infinite page, make sure you test it using the ‘Save and Test on my Site’ option in order to track how it will interact with your pages. Additionally, consider setting the scroll trigger at a smaller percentage – larger percentages (e.g. 80%) may not trigger properly since the page(s) are designed to “never end”.

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