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ON24 Integration Setup

Integration Summary

Webinar activity is critical to building a full 360 degree view of your audience.  Not only does it give you a unique insight into what topics your audience members are interested in but it will also open up advertising and sponsoring opportunities by combining it with the rich data that is already at Omeda.  In order to ensure this data is easily included in the Audience Member Profiles at Omeda, we now offer the ability to automatically bring in and append your ON24 attendee information.

What do we need from you?

  • Existing ON24 account
  • ON24 API Key
  • ON24 Client Id

How do I set up the integration?

Before the integration event can begin running there is some setup that needs to be completed by someone at Omeda.  Once you have obtained both the API Key and Client Id from your ON24 account please pass this information onto your Omeda Client Services Representative.  From there your CSR will work internally to get the ON24 Integration Event up and running nightly.

We are in the process of creating a UI that will allow an Omeda Client to complete the ON24 Setup in our Integration Menu without the help of a CSR.

How does the Integration work?

Once the ON24 event has been setup to run it will…

  • run nightly
  • pick up any changes from ON24 that occurred in the last 24 hours
    • Changes include people who registered for, attended a live or on-demand webinar
  • create new Webinar Products (if needed)
  • create new Demographics (if needed)
  • append Webinar Behaviors, Behavior Attributes and Demographics to Customers
  • find Customer matches based on an existing ON24 UserId at Omeda
  • match Customers based on rules set in Omatch

If you are interested in backfilling data from ON24 prior to when the Integration was setup at Omeda, please let your CSR know

Fields Collected

Brand Level Created

The following is a list of fields that are added at the Brand level.


  1. ON24 Webinar Name


  1. ON24 Webinar Demographic Questions

Customer Data Captured

The following is Customer Data that is added to a Customer Record.


  1. ON24 UserId – This is used for matching existing ON24 customers in Omeda


  1. ON24 Webinar Demographic Responses

Behaviors Collected

  1. ON24 Webinar Registered
  2. ON24 Webinar Attended – Live
  3. ON24 Webinar Attended – On Demand

Behaviors Attributes Collected

  1. ON24 Webinar Engagement Score
  2. ON24 Webinar Minutes Watched
  3. ON24 Webinar Asked Question (yes/no)
  4. ON24 Webinar Minutes Watched
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