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Release Notes for V21.5

Campaign/Event Tool

Update to Lead Gen Output Modification Criteria
New functionality has been added to the Lead Gen Output tool allowing jobs to be output by groups and output to multiple files. This functionality previously existed in Audience Builder Output but have now been added to Lead Gen. The UI in Lead Gen will mimic the Audience Builder UI for consistency.

Data Loader

Save Partial Mapping
Data Loader file mapping can now be saved in a partially complete state, meaning an entire step does not have to be completed for the mapping to be saved.

Add Dropdown for Number of Results / Page in File and Template Lists
A dropdown has been added to all of the Data Loader tables. This will allow the audience marketer to select the number of results that the table shows. Options will now include: 10, 25, 50, and 100.

Email Builder

Dynamic Content – Support With Conditions for Attributes/Behaviors
The Dynamic Content Rule Builder in Email Builder and Odyssey will now support Same Action conditions for Olytics and Behaviors.

Dynamic Content – Limit Behaviors Through Deployment Defaults
Similarly to demographics, the behaviors that appear within the Odyssey and Email Builder Dynamic Content Rule Builder will now be managed within deployment defaults. This will allow users to show only the behaviors that are relevant within the rule builder.

Form Builder

Add “Gift Status” Element
Several new elements have been added to Form Builder allowing for gift recipient data to be displayed given the donor ID for a subscription.


Odyssey Content URL Field Remembers URL for Existing Content
Within the Odyssey Email element, the URL option, which allows users to provide a URL where the HTML is stored, will now remember a previously entered URL. This will allow users to re-fetch the HTML without re-entering the URL.

Odyssey – DC – Enable Merge Content Within Designer
Dynamic Content can now be inserted into an Email using the Designer element. A new content type “Dynamic Content” can be added to the email and the Dynamic Content name can be selected.

Odyssey – Expand A/B Test Time Period to 24 Hours
The test time period within the A/B Test element in Odyssey has been expanded to 24 hours.

Odyssey – A/B Test Continuous Voyages
The A/B Test element can now be used within Continuous voyages. Because the Test Audience may not advance to the connected emails within the same visit, the test time period will begin after the last Test Audience member has visited a connected email element.

Odyssey – Allow Merging Paths from Email Elements to a Wait From A/B Test
Email elements that follow an A/B Test element can now be merged into the same Wait element, allowing users to simplify their voyages and avoid duplicating elements.


Update Olytics UI – Implementation
The Olytics Integrations screen will now display examples of the JavaScript for each Olytics behavior, along with the Olytics tags. The testing steps will also be linked from the Olytics Integrations screen to a knowledge base article.

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