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Bring Customer Data in using Zapier


To take full advantage of your unified audience database at Omeda, it is necessary to pull as many of your audience touch points into the database as possible. Using Omeda’s webforms or form listener can be a great start as you acquire your audience’s data, but often, companies use other third party form vendors like Jotform, Leadpages, or Gravity Forms that make importing data into Omeda a manual or development-heavy process.

Zapier is a tool that lets you connect various web applications, in this case third party webforms, and allows you to automate actions without a developer. If using either an Omeda webform or our form listener is not a viable option, using Zapier may be an alternative way to pull all of your data into your Omeda database.

Zapier provides different ways to bring data into Omeda with no code and minimal setup. Below are a list of ways, depending on what data you’re looking to bring in, on how to use Zapier to bring customer data into Omeda.

  • Omeda’s Add Customer Action: Use this option if you’re bringing in standard fields along with demographics, products, deployments, and behaviors. Read more about this option here.
  • Webhooks by Zapier Action / POST Event – Using Data Loader Webhooks: Use this option if you’re not bringing in magazine or website products. Read more about this option here.
  • Webhooks by Zapier Action / Custom Request Event – Using Save Customer and Order API: Use this option if you want the most flexibility with what data you’re bringing in. Note: this option does require JSON. Read more about this option here.
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