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Release Notes for V19.4


  1. Addition of Adroll to Odyssey
    We have added the “Adroll” element to Odyssey.  This feature was already available in the campaign tool but has now been expanded to be used with in the Odyssey UI.


  1. Personalization – add new frequency options
    We have added more frequency options in Personalization.  Once per 3 hours, 6 hours and 12 hours are now available in the drop down.
  2. Personalization – Ability to Generate Persistent Bars
    For clients to properly design a persistent bar, we needed a simple tool to generate the web/mobile friendly html content for the personalization.  In the Presentation Drop down there are new options available to create Persistent Bars.
  3. Track clicked links within Personalization
    We have developed a client requested enhancement to Olytics, that allows the ability to track clicked links within Personalization.  This field will need to be configured into the Audience Builder library using the Configure Tool and can be found under Integrated Data.


  1. Allow multiple reports in the same browser
    Previously when opening reports, the portal always opened them in the same window.  If you had a “report” window open and clicked to open a different report, the existing report was over written by the new request.  The HTML code that opens reports in your browser window has been updated to open each report in a NEW WINDOW.  This has been an annoyance to our clients for quite some time.
  2. Hard coded date ranges for Summary Stats Report
    There have been some hard-coded date ranges added into the report options of Summary stats. This should allow you to pull these date periods faster with less date calculation.


  1. Two new Olytics reports: Field Count and Field Count by URL
    These reports show counts on each value for the specified Olytics Field selected. Each of the values will have Visitor Count, Known Customer Count, and Anonymous Customer Count and can be opened in excel with basic customer information. The Field Count by URL report is more detailed because it shows every URL that is also associated with the selected field(s).

Web Services/API

  1. API – Add Email Builder Preheader Field into Omail API
    The Deployment Add Content API has been enhanced with a new element that will allow you to populate the Preheader Field when creating a Deployment via the API’s. The Preheader field displays a description in your inbox for the email.
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