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Bring Customer Data in via Webhooks by Zapier Action – POST Event

Using the Webhooks by Zapier Action (Post event) is another great way to bring customer data into Omeda from a third party application. This option is more targeted to those who want to use our Data Loader Webhook (because of the record list tracking and easy data mapping capabilities) but the third party app does not support our Webhook. Zapier formats the data coming from the third party app in a way our Webhook will accept so this is a great way to still take advantage of our Data Loader Webhooks.

Note: Data Loader Webhooks do not support Magazine or Website products at this time so if you’re looking to bring in data that includes these, take a look at our other Zapier Action options.

What you’ll need to get started:

  1. Create a new Data Loader Webhook. Learn more about our Webhooks here. After you’ve created your Webhook in Data Loader, keep the Webhook URL handy.
  2. Create your Trigger in Zapier. The Trigger will be where you want data to be sent from based on a certain event.
  3. To create the Action, select the Webhooks by Zapier app in the app search. Select POST as the Event.
  4. Input the Data Loader Webhook URL into the URL field of the Action setup.
  5. In the Payload Type drop down, select json.
  6. In the following Data fields, in the first column, create static headers for each incoming field from your Trigger Event.
  7. In the second column of the Data fields, map the incoming data from the Trigger Event to the appropriate field headers:
  8. Once the incoming fields are mapped, you should be all set to test your Action! If successful, you should see a record in your Data Loader Webhook, under the Records list. From there, you can map the incoming data to your Omeda database.
    Learn more about mapping data in Data Loader here.
  9. Once Webhook is mapped, it’s time to publish your Zap!
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