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Release Notes for V21.11

Data Loader

Edit Mapping – Hide Process Button for Processed Files

After a file has been processed, the green process button in the top right of the UI will be hidden.

Form Builder

Ability to Create an Expression for the Auto Renewal Indicator on a Form

Expressions can now be built based on the value set in the auto renewal indicator field. When there is an auto renewal value set on both the auto renewal indicator field and the paid content on a form, priority will be given to the auto renewal indicator value for both expressions and when the form is submitted. If the auto renewal indicator field is empty and auto renewal is set on the paid content, it will be copied to the auto renewal indicator field. This will allow the expressions to work for the value as well as retain the value when the form is submitted.

Scheduled Export of Form Leads

The ability to schedule an export of form submissions/leads to an email address or an SFTP site is now available. To setup the export, navigate to the setup page for an individual form and select “Yes” to the “Schedule Exports” option. This will prompt you to select a method, frequency and file name. The export will only run when a form has been published and is live, it will then send a file of all submissions based on the frequency. The file will include all data entered or collected in all fields, both hidden and exposed, and a set few of standard fields (site id, submission date, processed date, session id, customer id).

Allow the Donor and Each Recipient to Have Different Prices on the Same Page

This new functionality will allow users to build a form that sets different prices for the donor and each individual recipient. For example, the donor could be charged full price at $50, then the first two gift recipients are $20 and all other gift recipients are $10. This new functionality can be found in the paid content screen when selecting “Both Donor and Recipient” or “Recipient Only”.


Meter Messages Can Target by Device Type

A new option in the messaging tab of metering will allow users to target mobile users, exclude mobile users or target to all users. This will allow users to create and target messages that display as desired for mobile and non-mobile users.

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