Data Ingestion

There are various ways to get data into Omeda if you are collecting it via an outside source. This document will go through each option and help you determine which might work best for your use-case and workflow. Method Description Use-Case Things to Consider Omeda APIs Provides the ability to post a transaction (customer order) …

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Data Loader – Webhooks

Data Loader allows users to send data from a third party platform to their Omeda Database by using Webhook capabilities. Webhooks make it easier for two applications to integrate by sending a push notification from an outside server to Omeda’s server. They typically allow data to get from one place to another in near real …

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Release Notes for V21.12

Audience Builder Output Email Builder Keyword Fields in Audience Builder Users will now be able to output the Email Builder keyword used when creating the deployment. This field can be found to query in the Email Builder behavioral fields click folder. Copy Query Confirmation When clicking the clipboard icon in the Audience Builder UI to …

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Release Notes for V21.11

Data Loader Edit Mapping – Hide Process Button for Processed Files After a file has been processed, the green process button in the top right of the UI will be hidden. Form Builder Ability to Create an Expression for the Auto Renewal Indicator on a Form Expressions can now be built based on the value …

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