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Release Notes for V21.13

Audience Builder

Update Default Text Output Field Label for Encrypted Customer ID

We have updated the default field label for encrypted customer id [when outputting to text file] from “customer encrypted id” to “encrypted_customer_id”. This change will make the default label consistent with what is used in Email Builder.

Data Loader

Prevent Webhook Header Editing

Webhook header names can no longer be changed nor can new headers be added manually. Data Loader uses a specific naming convention that doesn’t allow user-defined header names to function properly. These minor restrictions should aid in clarity of use.

Constants are not affected by this and can be added/modified as per usual.

Mapping Status Indicator for Webhook Search Screen

We’ve added “Mapping Status” to the Webhook search screen. This will allow the user to quickly glance at a webhook to see which ones are in need of attention.

Declare Integration Type for Webhooks

In a given webhook’s settings, users can now pick what type of integration the webhook will be used for. The listed integrations require a special URL due to the unique way they send data over. Any third party webhook that sends pure JSON can use the “general” integration type. Switching an integration will switch to the URL relevant for the integration. Integrations that aren’t on the list that do not send pure JSON can be requested to be added.

File Search Includes Batch Tracking Code

When using the “filter” part of search when searching files or webhook records, batch tracking code can now be searched to help narrow down the list.

View/Sort by Last Activity Date for Webhooks

“Last Activity” column has been added to the Webhook search screen. The value in this column will reflect the most recent date that a webhook record was added or processed (whichever is sooner). By default, the Webhook rows will be sorted by this field.”

Bulk Retry for Webhooks

The “Bulk Apply Template” and “Bulk Process” features have been combined them into one feature, “Bulk Retry”, which will re-apply the webhook’s template and process any file that is safe to process. Anything not safe to process will be held up, so that additional mapping/fixes can be applied before processing.

Email Builder

Option to Rename Splits in the Audience Pleat

When creating a new Email Builder deployment, in the audience name pleat the split name can now be changed to better reflect the content and the audience.

Form Builder

The Domain for Form Builder Hosted Content Has Been Updated to

We have updated the Domain used for form builder hosted content in order to better align it with the actual Domain used on the form. In some cases the different domains caused Adblockers to block the CSS and Images files.

Allow Multiple Paid Contents for the Same Product on a Form.

When there is more than one paid content on a form for the same product, the user’s last selection is the one that will be used. The subtotal will also automatically reflect the price associated to the last selection for that product.


Goal Element Limits

In the goal element, a limit can now be set which will allow voyage creators to end the voyage when the number of audience members who met the goal is equal to the goal limit.


Units Selections as a Query

Within the ABM Units UI, users can view unit members in a galley view. With this release, the user can now create an Audience Builder query of the selected unit members.

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