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Release Notes for V20.16


Adding “Open in Audience Search” Option to The Dashboard Canvas

A selected segment from Dashboard can now be opened directly in Audience Search, allowing you to review the data on those customers without needing to first save the query from Audience Builder.

Data Loader

File Section: Search by Keywords

Keywords can now be entered into the filter search bar and all files that are tagged with those keywords will be returned in the results.

Email Builder

Expand Web Tracking URL Keyword Filter Options to Either Include or Exclude

In the Deployment Defaults, the exclude web tracking URL keywords field has been renamed to “URL Contains”. Radio buttons have been added to allow the ability to either include or exclude specific URLs by listing either a portion or the complete URL.

Update to Email Builder Domain Suppression Tool 

Verbiage has been added to the Email Builder Domain Suppression Tool advising the user that the file uploaded should be “One column of data only”.

Date Range Field Updated in Summary Stats to Allow 4 Digit Year Entries

The date range field has been updated to allow for a 4 digit year to be entered. This will allow users to run the Summary Stats Report using either a 2 or a 4 digit year format. Validation has also been added preventing users from entering today’s date (current date) as either a start date or end date. If attempted, the user will get the following error. “Today’s date is an invalid option for the date range field”.


Send Email to Voyage Creator if Voyage Moves to Error Status

When an error occurs within a voyage, an email will now be sent to the voyage creator. The email will contain the error message and a link to the voyage. This email will allow the voyage creator to be notified immediately if there is an error. They can attempt to resolve or recreate the voyage if it is time sensitive.

External Goal Suppression Files

The Odyssey Goal Element has been updated so that external files can now be uploaded. If a voyage passenger meets the goal criteria or is found within the external goal file, the passenger will not advance to the next element and will instead advance to the Goal Element. The element can also be paused while the voyage is in progress so that additional external files can be uploaded. This will enable users to suppress passengers and track the success of their voyage, if the goal is tracked in another system.


Assign a Unique Class ID to Personalization Popups

Personalization and Meter Messages will now have a unique class ID so that if additional styling is desired, the Personalization or Meter Message can be targeted via CSS on the site.

Form Listener – Add Constant Field to Set-Up Page

Form Listener will now allow users to create a constant field and value that will be passed with the form data. This will allow Form Listener creators to use one input for multiple Form Listener jobs.

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