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Reports – Email Device and Client Type Reporting


The Opens by Client and Device report is available in the Reports and Analytics menu as well as within our Deployment Delivery reports.

This report will show the Device Type and Email Client values for all recipients who opened the selected deployment(s). The data that displays in this report is obtained by parsing the User Agent when Omeda’s “open” pixel is downloaded within the recipient’s mailbox. This user-agent string contains information identifying the application, device, or operating system and is provided by the email client or the browser used to open the email. The specificity of the information Omeda receives can vary between email clients.


In the Reports and Analytics section, under Email Reports, the report can be accessed by clicking ‘Opens by Client and Device’. You can then select the Start and End date, the Deployment Type, the Designation, and, if desired, one or more specific Deployments.

After clicking ‘View Report’, the Report will display. On the first page of the report, you will see a pie chart of all device types used to open the applicable deployments. For recipients who opened the deployment using a Webmail application like Gmail or Yahoo, the device type is not available. Because of this, they are broken out into their own device type category, Webmail. Below the pie chart, the Email Clients for each Device Type will be further broken out.

Page 1

On Page 2, a break out of only Email Clients will be listed, descending from the Email Client with the most opens.

Page 2

Additional Information

  • When the device type information is not provided, the Device Type in this report is listed as “WebMail”. Common email clients like Google Mail and Yahoo, listed as Yahoo MailProxy, will be listed here.
  • If no information is provided, this data will be listed in the “Unknown” section of the report.
  • In some cases, our User Agent parser may categorize the Email Client as “Default Browser”. In the report, the count can be clicked to view these records and the User Agent string associated with them.
  • In the Webmail section you may notice the Email Client, “Mozilla/5.0” This row contains the opens with the Mozilla/5.0 user-agent which likely corresponds with Apple Mail opens where the user has opted into Mail Privacy Protection. See our blog post here for more information,
  • In the Mobile Category, the email client, Mobile Safari UIWebView is commonly listed. This category describes an open that occurred within an application on an Apple device.

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