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Release Notes for V20.8

Audience Builder

Notification When Profile Refresh is Complete

When a user initiates a manual Profile Refresh, a pop up notification will alert them upon the completion.

Updated Outputs to Allow Option for Most Recent Active Order Information

Users will now have the ability to output the “Most Recent Active” order for paid records. Previously, users only had the option to Output All orders or Output Current orders. This new option will return a single order, that is the most recent order in the status or Active, Pending or Graced.

Product Membership: Active Only Version

Within the Product Membership skittle, users will now have the option to limit the results by Active memberships. Currently we are defining the Active Memberships as:

MagazineClass 1 (Active Qualified), 2 (Active Non Qualified) and 27 (Non-Receiving Earning Admin)
NewsletterOnly Active Class 1 – No change
EventsNo change
NewsstandClass 1 (Active)
WebsiteClass 1 (Active)

Data Loader

Addition of the Data Loader Tracking ID to Confirmation Emails

The Data Loader Tracking Code has been added to the confirmation email received for the following situations: completes successfully, completes successfully but with errors, files that fail for excessive errors and files that fail on preparing. This will allow the user to be able to quickly find the desired file in the UI.

Create a Data Loader Template from a File Header

Users will now have the ability to create a template based on the header of a file. This can be handy with FTP setups, as many times an example file is provided to aid in setup. In the Templates section, there is a new option in “Create New Mapping” to allow a file as part of the setup. This gives the user the option to select a file, but only the Header will be utilized.

Data Loader – Distinct Template Name

When users create Templates, the names will now be required to be unique. If a user attempts to create a Template using a name that already exists in the Database, a pop up will force the user to change the name.

Data Loader Validation Rules: Order Change and Added Descriptions

Descriptions have been added for the following validation rules in Data Loader: “Process non-match as add” and “Incoming name matches existing customer id”. We have also moved the “Process non-match as add” to be under “Customer Matching Lookup: Name + Phone number” to help client users avoid missing this when processing files.

Data Loader Will Auto Assign State Code

When a record processes (through Data Loader) without state information, but has a valid US country code and zip code, the state code will be populated based on the state that the zip code resides in.

Validate Settings Step with Mapped Data Loader Fields

Validation Rules are shown or hidden based on what fields the user has mapped in the General Mapping Step. The user must map at least one of the linked fields for a Validation Rule to be available in the Settings Step.

Form Builder

Test Submissions from Form Builder Will Auto-Process

Transactions from Form Builder test forms will now be processed immediately regardless of whether “Run Process Immediately” is checked on the setup page. This allows users to QC these test records without having to change the functionality of the form or wait for the processor to be manually run.

Change All References from Dragon to Form Builder

The Form Builder UI has had all references to Dragon removed to align with the product branding.


Enable Visibility to Link Tracking in Odyssey

The Link Tracking settings for links included in Email Elements can now be reviewed and modified in Odyssey.

User Experience

Update Reports Page Verbiage

Within the Reports and Analytics UI, the following name changes have occurred. Circulation Reports has been renamed to Audience Reports; Olytics Reports has been renamed to Web Behavior Reports; and Omail Reports has been renamed to Email Reports.

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