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Release Notes for June 7 | V24.8

Email Builder

Summary Stats Combine Split Reporting
We’ve added the option to combine deployment splits created in Email Builder from reporting into a single row in the summary stats. There is now a “Combine Splits” option to aggregate splits.


Voyage names are now clickable.

Form Builder

Clone Email Confirmations and Complex HTML
Users can now clone Email Confirmations and Complex HTML in Form Builder Content, speeding up content creation.

Modified Date, Modified By, and Status Fields Only Updated When an Actual Change to the Form is Made
Previously, the Modified Date, Modified By, and Status fields were updated when a user only viewed the Builder of a form. Now, these fields will only be updated when an actual change is applied to the form.

Email Designer Now Available when Creating/Editing Email Confirmations
Users can now take advantage of the Designer when creating or editing email confirmations in Form Builder.

Premium Code
The Premium Code defined in Campaign Tool for a given promo will be carried over to the product attached if the promo is used on a form.

Web Services / API

New API to Lookup All Behavior Attributes for a Single Customer
The new Behavior Attribute Lookup By Customer Id will return all Behavior Attributes for a given Customer Id, Behavior Id, and Date Range.

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