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Release Notes for Dec 2 | V22.16

Campaign / Event Tool

Hosted Content UI Update

When hosted content images are changed, there can be a delay of up to five minutes before the updated image is passed to the content. A static message has been added to the Hosted Content UI alerting users that “Changed images may take up to 5 minutes to display.”

Email Builder

Non-domestic Postal Codes Available in Emails and Email Reporting

With this change, the postal code field will be available for use as a Merge Variable and will be displayed in email reporting.

Deployment Defaults to Allow Top Level Domain Suppression

Users can now suppress by top-level domains like “.ca” via deployment defaults or an individual deployment.

Updating Email Builder so Deployments from Odyssey are Not Editable

With this change, deployments that were created from Odyssey will not be editable from the Email Builder UI. This will prevent errors from occurring in Odyssey if a deployment is changed.

Form Builder

Allow Audience Members to Update Account Across Multiple Products on a Single Form

If an Audience Member has subscriptions to multiple products, they will now be able to navigate to one form to update their information across all defined products of that form. The types of forms that allow this update across multiple products are Change of Address, Update Billing Info, and Existing Subscription Payment forms.

Send Form Submission Data to a Webhook

Webhooks are server-to-server communication connections that allow you to send data to a third party through a URL. Users can now add a Webhook URL (via the Webhook option in Export URL) to their Omeda forms and send all submitted form data to the defined endpoint with effortless setup.

Allow Multiple Forms to Display on a Single Webpage

Multiple Unique Omeda forms can now be displayed on a single webpage or multiple tabs within the same browser without losing data. This includes forms within Personalizations.
Note: Duplicates of the same form cannot be displayed more than once on the same page.

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