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Reports – Overview

At Omeda, we provide many reports for you to understand who your customers are and how to market to them. Here is a list of the reports and how to access them.

  • Email Reports – Understand which customers are receiving and responding to your email marketing with the Deployment Delivery Report, Summary Report and more.
  • Audience Builder (OnQ) Reports – Use the various OnQ reports to understand their demographic makeup, see where they are located in a Geo Heat Map or run a Circulation Summary Report for a specific customer segment.
  • Website Behavior Reports – Using your olytics driven data, these reports provide aggregate counts and visual aides to help you better understand your visitors.
  • Audience Report – Use this report to understand your circulation audience. Also, this report can be used for BPA purposes as well.
  • Issue Activity Report – Use this report to get the details as to which class your adds came from and which class your kills went to as part of the issue add/kills.
  • Data Tracker Report – Review the data that’s been processed into your database with the Data Tracker Report.
  • Engaged Companies Report – Based off the “Engaged Companies” section on the Dashboard Insights tab, this report will display the top engaged companies as well as the customers associated with these top companies.
  • Reporting FAQ – Learn more about quick tips related to various reports.
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