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Personalization & Metering – Click Tracking

Click Tracking in Personalization and Meter Messages is an important tool in measuring the interactions your Personalizations or Meter Messages receive. Click Tracking involves wrapping the linked text or images within your HTML, with our Olytics Click Tracking script. When Activated, each link click will be tracked and your click data will be available in Audience Builder and your Personalization and Metering reports.

Implementing Click Tracking in Personalizations and Meter Messages

There are several ways you can implement Click Tracking for your Personalization and Meter Message links but the simplest way is to confirm that the Automatic Click Tracking setting is enabled in the Global Settings section of Personalization.

You can find this by clicking Personalization in the Menu, then clicking Global Settings.

In the Global Settings screen, you will see the option, “Enable Automatic Click Tracking”.

Once checked, after a Personalization or Meter Message is saved, the HTML will be automatically scanned for links and, if found, will wrap the links in the Olytics click tracking script.

If you do not want a particular link tracked, or want to enable Click Tracking on a link by link basis, you can click ‘Manage Click Tracking’ within a Personalization or a specific Meter Message. After it has been saved, all links will display in the Click Tracking table and Click Tracking can be enabled for each link. You can also specify whether the link should open in a new tab on click or not.

Additionally, you can use the Tracked Link option in the Personalization and Meter Message editors, to manually wrap your links in the click tracking script.

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