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Release Notes for May 24 | V24.7

Audience Builder

Updates to Product Membership Field
We made the following updates to the Product Membership field:

  • Removed Class 27 from Active Magazines (now only includes Classes 1 and 2)
  • Added Classes 26 and 27 to All Magazines (not active)
  • Removed Promotional Class from No Newsletters
  • Added Promotional Class to “All” option for each newsletter

Added Record Extract to Audience Search
We have added a new “Extract” option for an individual record in Audience Search. The export will output a file in JSON format to a user’s email. This feature supports Data Subject Requests for Portability and Rectification review.

Form Builder

Preview and Apply Themes within the Style Tab
Users can now effortlessly explore, preview, and apply themes to their forms all within the Style tab.

Country Code and Auto Formatting added to Phone Fields

When using the “Country Calling Code” field display on the Cell Phone Number, Phone Number, Foreign Phone, Gift Recipient Phone fields, form visitors now have the ability to select the Country Calling Code when inputting their phone number. This field display will also auto format the inputted phone number based on the Country selected as the user is filling it out.

Lead Scoring

Updates to Lead Scoring

We have removed the validation which prevents a field from being used multiple times within a Lead Scoring event. With this change, users now have the flexibility to create more nuanced and detailed scoring events. For instance, you can now include multiple date range scores, allowing you to evaluate lead behavior over several distinct periods within the same event.

Client Empowerment

New Client Empowerment Tools
Omeda’s Empowerment Tools is a series of enhancements designed to empower users (who have access) to be more agile in their work processes by giving them access to perform specific actions without submitting a support ticket. You can learn more about using Client Empowerment Tools (and what’s been previously released) here.

With this release, clients with access can now manage the following:

  • Logos: Clients can manage the Logos used on their unsubscribe pages and invoices and renewals.
  • Alternate IDs: Clients can manage the Alternate IDs used to identify Audience Members in their database. Alternate IDs can be used to link an audience member in the Omeda database with a record in another database.

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