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Release Notes for V21.15

Audience Builder

Output Files in Excel Format

When outputting a text file from Audience Builder, users can now choose to output the file to Excel if the the file does not exceed file size limitations.

CDP (Olytics, Personalization, Metering)

Ability to Edit Cookie Management Tab When the CMP is Active

Users can now scan for new cookies, edit cookies, and create new cookies while the Consent Manager is active. Cookies will display within the active Consent Manager after they have been categorized.

Data Loader

Webhook Search – Factor Created Date Into Last Activity When Sorting

Webhook Search’s “Last Activity” date will now include “createdDate” as the default if there has been “No Activity” when sorting “Last Activity.” This is to give more visibility to newer Webhooks that are created, causing them to float to the top of the results. This means that “No Activity” will no longer be clustered together when sorting.

Detect and Remove “?” in the First Header of a File

When uploading, there is sometimes a hidden character in the file that causes a “?” in the first header. This can now be detected and removed accordingly.

Export Errors into a File

Users can now export rows containing errors into a file to be fixed and re-uploaded. This file will contain two extra columns describing what is wrong with that row. The file will be outputted in roughly the same format as the original. This works for everything, including webhooks.

Email Builder

Option in Deployment Defaults to Receive Empty Recurring File Notifications

In Deployment Defaults, a new option is available called “Audience Alert for Recurring” which when enabled will send a notification to the Recurring Series Owner if the audience file is empty.

Form Builder

Define the Customer Service Email Where Paid Subscription Cancellations are Sent

When a subscriber cancels their paid subscription via a Form Builder Subscription Cancel Thank You page, an email is sent to a customer service email address. The customer service email address can now be defined on the setup page of the Subscription Cancel Thank You form in Form Builder.

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