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Consolidate Demographic Tool


The Consolidate Demographic Tools allows Demographic responses to be rolled up into a Database Global response. For example if the database is made up from very differing markets, it can be difficult to create a query targeting all C level records. With the responses consolidated, this processes is simplified. The logic runs nightly if Consolidated mapping exists for the Database.


The Consolidate Demo Tool is located in the My Omeda section under the Toolbox tab.

Mapping table

The mapping table contains all of the consolidated demographic mappings in the client database.  The UI pulls all of the mappings and allows the user to view or edit the mappings.

Edit A Mapping

The user has the ability to edit the following fields for individual mappings: demographic response / consolidated demographic response.  A single mapping can be edited by clicking on “Edit” in the Actions column, causing a dropdown to replace the response descriptions of either demographic.  The edit is saved by clicking the “Save” action, or canceled with “Cancel.”

Creating New Mappings

The user can either upload a file containing a set of mappings, which is the quickest way to add many mappings at once, or add individual mappings one at a time. To add individual mappings, the user can select “Create New Consolidated Mapping” which will append a row to the bottom of the table.

Removing a Mapping

The user has the ability to remove mappings from the table by selecting either a single mapping line or multiple mapping lines using the checkbox in the delete column, and then clicking the delete selected mappings button.

Ranking Mappings

By utilizing the Rank and Date fields the user is able to set one demographic as the most important mapping. The Ranked demographics are not overwritten by less important responses until the date selected has expired.

Searching the Table

Many times when all demographics are mapped, there can me hundreds of lines of mappings. In order to navigate to the desired lines, there are two search boxes located above the table that narrow table results based on details of either the demographic or consolidated demographic.  The demographic (description) or the demographic id are searchable in these boxes.

File Upload Section


The file for adding mappings requires the following fields: client_demo_name, client_demo_value, omeda_demo_name, omeda_demo_value.  A file template is available for download containing the necessary headers. A file containing the existing mappings can also be downloaded, or the existing mappings can be viewed in the table above the upload section.

The upload validation process checks that the demographic in the uploaded file exists, is active status (at the time of upload), and that the included demographic value is active status and exists for the given demographic.  The validation process also checked Inputs/Input mappings to see if the demographic included in the user-defined file is part of the input. All of these validation checks come with error messages to the user which will prevent the ability to add/create the new mappings.

Overwrite or Add To

When uploading the file, the user has the ability to overwrite the existing mappings or add to the existing set of mappings.  This will allow the user to do a complete replacement of all mappings or to add to the existing mapping, with the Upload functionality. Single mapping additions can only be Add to, they will not replace existing mapping.

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