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Release Notes for V19.17

Audience Builder

Allow User to Edit Query Name from the Open Query Window
Users are now able to update the name of  an existing query from the Query Search Results screen.  A new edit icon will appear next to Profile Name.  Clicking the icon will allow the user to change the name of the query.

Olytics Action Count Applied to Date
The relationship between Olytics Action Count and Date has been created, allowing users to isolate records if the selected action falls in the designated date range.

Data Loader

Mapping Behaviors
With this release, users will be able to map behavior products in the Data Loader UI. Available fields will be Behavior, Behavior Attribute Text, Behavior Attribute Defined Value, and Behavior Date.  A new Behavior Mapping Step will appear in the Jump To drop down.

Product Contact Mapping 
Last release we introduced the ability to Map Newsletter Products.  With this release, users can now map address information at the product level for Newsletter Products.

Allow User to Dictate How Objects Are Populated
When loading through the Data Loader UI for Products, Filters and Demographics, users can now choose if that data should update existing records or not.  If a user chooses “Add Incoming Only”, only new records will be processed, no modifications to existing records.  If a user chooses “Update or Add Incoming”, existing records will be modified and new records will be added.

Mapping Section
Mappings will now be stored in their own section. Users can find this section on the Left Hand side of the UI under the Upload Files icon.  There will be a section labeled Files and one labeled Mappings.

Standalone Mappings
Within the Mapping section, users will also be able to create, clone or delete mappings, allowing more flexibility in the maintenance of these mappings.

Validation Rules Added to Data Loader
Several Validation Rules have been added to the available options for Data Loader. Those rules include Valid USA Phone, Valid USA Postal Code, Valid CAN Postal Code, Valid MEX Postal Code, Valid Country Code, Valid Region Code, Valid Mex Region Code, Mex State Required, Email Validity Check, Valid Gender, Vulgarity Check, Valid Customer Name which Checks Salutation, Suffix, First, Middle & Last Name for non-alpha characters, Customer Fill Test, and Auto Cleanup.  Please contact your Account Services Manager for a detailed description of each rule.

Form Builder (Dragon)

ADA Compatibility Part 2
In the next step of the ADA compatibility upgrade for Form Builder, users can now add alternative text to images.  If no alternate text is supplied Dragon will default to use the description of the image. Read more about this here.

Enhance Dragon to Conditionally Display Product Options 
Users will be able to create an expression for active or inactive subscriber classes for newsletters and then use the expression to conditionally display newsletters on a site.

Ability to Add Dragon Rates Higher than Four Digits
To allow our clients to utilize larger prices on products we have increased, the Form Builder Rates to accept 5 digits before the decimal place or $XXXXX.00.


CredSpark Link to Knowledge Base on Integrations Page in Portal
For easy access, a link to the CredSpark Knowledge Base page has been added to the Integrations page.

AdRoll Integration Enhancement
AdRoll Event Based Audiences is the latest in a series of pixel-based integrations available to Omeda CDP (Olytics) clients. This integration connects the Omeda Olytics tracking with the AdRoll Pixel, allowing the user to target and segment their audiences in Audience Builder, and then sync those audiences to their AdRoll account.  In this way, our CDP clients can target specific anonymous and known customers from their website(s) with targeted ads through AdRoll.  For detailed information, visit our Knowledge Base article here.

AdRoll Event-Based Audiences – Odyssey
For CDP (Olytics) clients we have added the new AdRoll Event-Based Audiences integration to Odyssey. What this means is that you can target your website visitors belonging to Odyssey voyages with an Event Based Audience Sync to AdRoll. Within, AdRoll users can then target ads toward that segment of website visitors.

Form Listener – Checkbox to Make the URL an Exact Match
A checkbox has been added to allow a user to “Match URL Exactly,” enabling Form Listener to listen on the exact URL the user has entered.  This can be helpful when a user has form listeners on main pages and sub pages.

Facebook Events Manager – Odyssey
For CDP (Olytics) clients, we have added the recently released Facebook Events Manager integration to Odyssey. What this means is that you can target your website visitors belonging to Odyssey voyages with a Facebook Events Manager Sync to Facebook. Within Facebook, users can then target ads toward that segment of website visitors. Learn more on the Facebook Events Manager integration here.

Facebook Event Integration – Add Report Section for ‘Total Distinct Counts”
Unique counts and total counts will both be shown in these reports allowing visibility into that difference.

Facebook Events Manager and AdRoll Event Based Audiences – New Heat Maps
As part of our new AdRoll and Facebook Integrations that allow our CDP clients to sync Known and Anonymous visitors in real-time, we are offering new reporting features in addition to our current offering. These new additions include:

  • United States Heat Map – See where in the U.S. the audience is located.
  • Hour / Day  of the Week Heat Map – See what times of day the audience is visiting the page.
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