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Release Notes for V19.11

Audience Builder

Audience Builder Action Count for Olytics Attributes

Within the Audience Builder UI, there are two new skittles for querying by Action Count for Olytics:

  • Olytics Category
  • Olytics Tag

These new skittles will allow you to set an action count relative to those tags/categories within a certain date range. For example, using these new skittles, you could look to see who hit a certain tag 5 or more times within the last 30 days. This is beneficial because it will make it easier to determine the interests of individual customers. These new skittles will contain a Date Filter, Action Filter and a Text Box for searching values.

Note: The ability to target website visitors based on date range and action count has not changed. However, there was no way to target visits to specific tags/categories; these new skittles allow you to target more than just page visits.

Query Field for Credit Card Expire Date

A new Query field has been added to Audience Builder. A user can now search by Credit Card Expire Date. This will aid in targeting Paid records that are about to expire.

Data Loader

Validation Easy Checks

Users will now have the ability to select which of the validation rules are being applied to a data load. Simply use the check box next to the appropriate rule in order to select it. Previously all rules were applied to all data loader lists.

Email Builder

Summary Stats Date Enhancement

When running the Summary Stats report, a user will now have the ability to use the (today-x) date parameter. These dates will be able to be saved as part of the report criteria. x is the number of days prior you’d like to pull from today’s date.


Display Sending Domain  When working in a Voyage, you will now be able to see the domain the email element will be sending from.

Personalization / Olytics

Return URL Olytics Merge Variable When setting up Personalizations, a user can now select “Return URL” from the available merge variable drop down list. The Return URL merge variable will create a path for a subscriber to return to the original page they were visiting when they hit the meter, after completion of the Dragon Form within the personalization.

Block Immediately for Metering A user will now have the ability to set up a meter to block content before the first page view happens. To block immediately the user would set the meter message to block content after zero page views.

Delay Timing for Personalization This release we have expanded the options on the Personalization timing Delay. Now a user can set the delay up to 10 minutes for a single page visit before it will display the message to the visitor.

Training Videos

New Portal Section for Training Videos We have created a new section of the portal dedicated to Training Videos. We will build on the available videos as they are created. You can access these videos through the Menu ribbon at the top of the page in the column labeled Support (far right hand side).


OnDemandSend API update The OnDemandSend API has been updated to allow OmedaCustomerID to be returned as encrypted or non encrypted. When the OmedaCustomerID is returned through the OnDemandSend API, records that have received, opened or clicked will now be able to be queried in Audience Builder.

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