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Olytics Customer Top Values


An api available to our olytics clients.

For a given customer, this service returns the top 3 olytics tag values for each field you are using as part of your olytics setup.

This api can be used to deliver more targeted content or advertisements to the visitors on your site.

By default all available values will be considered by the API, but we offer the ability for you to flag olytics values that you do not want to include in this API. This can be the case for generic pages you have tagged, such as a home page or landing page that does not provide added value to your customer’s olytics profile. Please contact your omeda representative if you wish to exclude certain tags from calculation.

General Technical Requirements

The following technical requirements apply to all requests for this API.

Base Resource URI



Specifying a specific behavior id to narrow the results resturned:



brandAbbreviation is the abbreviation for the brand customerIdOrCustomerEncrypted is the internal omeda customer id or the encrypted omeda customer id (in olytics this is the ajs_uid) behaviorIdOrEncryptedBehaviorId is the internal omeda behavior id or the encrypted omeda behavior id (the encrypted omeda behavior id is used in your olytics javascript tags)

HTTP Headers

The HTTP header must contain the following elements: x-omeda-appid a unique id provided to you by Omeda to access your data. The request will fail without a valid id. content-type a content type supported by this resource. See Supported Content Types for more details. If omitted, the default content type is application/json.

Content Type

The content type is application/json. JSON application/json

JSON is the preferred data exchange format, because it is lightweight and, in most cases, faster to process and utilizes less bandwidth. There are many available open-source JSON libraries available. See for details.

Supported HTTP Methods

There is one HTTP method supported: GET See W3C’s GET specs for details.

Lookup Top Olytics Tag Values By Customer Id

Retrieves the top 3 olytics tag values for each field used on your olytics installation for a given customer.

Field Definition

The following tables describe the hierarchical data elements.

In addition to the below elements, a SubmissionId element will also be returned with all responses. This is a unique identifier for the web services response. It can be used to cross-reference the response in Omeda’s database.

TopOlyticsAttributes Elements

Element NameOptional?Data TypeDescription
OlyticsFieldnostringthe name of the field, example: “olytics Category” or “olytics Tag”.
TopValuesnoarrayan array containing the top 3 values for the given field. Contact omeda if there are certain values (tags or categories) you would like to exclude from calculation, such as home pages or landing pages.

TopValues Elements

Element NameOptional?Data TypeDescription
OlyticsValuenostringThe open text value supplied in your javascript tags, stored on our system. Examples: “HealthCare Products”, “Widgets Recalled Article – January”, “Subscription Page”.
LastVisitDatenodateThe most recent visit the customer made for this olytics value.
VisitCountnointegerThe number of visits the customer made for this olytics value.

Success Example

	"TopOlyticsAttributes": [{
		"OlyticsField": "olytics category",
		"TopValues": [{
			"OlyticsValue": "Whitepapers",
			"LastVisitDate": "2015-02-23 12:15:29.857",
			"VisitCount": 30
		}, {
			"OlyticsValue": "Magazine",
			"LastVisitDate": "2015-02-23 12:15:29.857",
			"VisitCount": 21
		}, {
			"OlyticsValue": "News",
			"LastVisitDate": "2015-02-23 12:15:29.857",
			"VisitCount": 12
	}, {
		"OlyticsField": "olytics tag",
		"TopValues": [{
			"OlyticsValue": "2014-11 Article Home",
			"LastVisitDate": "2015-02-23 12:15:29.857",
			"VisitCount": 8
		}, {
			"OlyticsValue": "Wormly Widgets Announces Recall",
			"LastVisitDate": "2015-02-23 12:15:29.857",
			"VisitCount": 7
		}, {
			"OlyticsValue": "California Attorney General Announces Lawsuit Against Consolidated Widgets Inc.",
			"LastVisitDate": "2015-02-23 12:15:29.857",
			"VisitCount": 6
	"SubmissionId": "79AC54FA-5D1D-4FA4-815A-08074C7F5EC8"


         "Error":"No customer found for customer 12345."
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