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Personalization – ‘Generate Personalization’ Option

‘Generate Personalization’ is a tool that assists the user with creating a Personalization through a simple form. If you prefer not to work with the WYSIWYG platform or the HTML code, you can use this tool to generate a starting shell or simple Personalization message.

To get started, click the ‘Generate Personalization’ button found on the lower right-hand side of the edit features.

This will open the Personalization Generator:

  • Generate and Test: This button will create a Personalization out of the fields that you fill out. Note: If you don’t change the presentation mode before you open “Generate Personalization” then the message will be a Modal because that is the default presentation style.
  • Copy To Personalization: You can select this button if you’d like to continue adding onto the Personalization or if you’d like to change the presentation type to something else such as a Header Popup, Persistent Bar, etc.
  • Reset Values: This will bring all the fields back to the sample values that were originally populated when “Generate Personalization” was opened.
  • Button Inline: This check box will place the button in the same line as the header. If the header is too long, the button will be left justified below the header.
    • A Subheader is unable to be used if you select “Button Inline”
    • If the button isn’t selected, the Button will be centered below the Header and/or Subheader text

For additional Personalization templates, check out our HTML template page here

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