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Release Notes for V18.15


Webhook in Add Audience API

An API Client can now send in a “CallbackURL” in the request of the Add Audience API. This will alert you when the audience list has been completely loaded.

Audience Builder (OnQ)

Enhancement to UX

We have updated your user experience by now showing the folders on the left had side as the expanded view. The option to collapse the folders and allow more real estate on the right-hand side is still available for your use.

Email Builder (Omail)

Deployment Delivery report

We have removed the View Additional Reports option and replaced it with separate links for the Deployment Graphs and the Demographic Breakdown. This gives you better visibility into using both of these reports. In addition, you can now use the Demographic Breakdown report on individual splits. Please contact the email success team with any questions you may have.

New option in Search

While in the Search screen, you now have an additional option in the “Sent As” dropdown box. By selecting this new option of “All Except Recurring and OD Send API” you will see all deployments excluding Recurring, On Demand Send API generated emails, and Odyssey.

Form Listener

Ability to ignore incoming data fields

You now can dictate which fields should NOT be captured from your forms that are using Form Listeners.

New on your Menu Bar!

You can now find Form Listener under the Acquire column in our Menu Ribbon. It has been tagged as “New” to make it easier to view. Please note that you must have Olytics access to use this functionality.


Additional targeting options

You can now target Personalization efforts based on a parameter or parameter/value combination in a URL. You will see this new option in the UI.

Differentiate mobile and desktop

You can now target or exclude mobile site users for Personalization. This new addition allows you to have one effort that displays on mobile and another on desktop. What a great way to display different messages!

Search capabilities now available

We have now added the ability to search Personalizations by name and/or URL restriction in order to make it easier for you to filter the ones being shown for a clearer view of the prioritization. Search results are saved even if page is reloaded, or someone navigates back. A true time saver!

Web Registration Forms

FreshAddress integration

We are now able to validate email addresses upon entry on any of your custom web forms. We will ping the FreshAddress database to obtain the validity score of the email address. You have the option to not allow the customer to submit if the email address fails validation. The ability to add this functionality to your Dragon forms will be available in Q1. Please contact your Account Manager for further details.

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