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Odyssey – Google Ad Manager Element

The Google Ad Manager element is available for use in any Odyssey voyage. This element will allow you to send the element visitors to Google Ad Manager as a key/value pair, which can then be used in targeted advertising.

After adding this element to your voyage canvas and clicking the element, the voyage creator can then provide additional information in the element inspector on the right side of the canvas.

Using the Google Ad Manager Element

The Element Name will be set to “Google Ad Manager 1” by default but this can be edited to better describe the element in the context of your voyage.

Within the element inspector, you can begin to setup the element by clicking ‘Setup’.

You will then be navigated to the Google Ad Manager integration screen where you can login and assign an existing Key/Value pair to your voyage or create a new one. Once you’ve assigned the Key/Value pair, click Save and Back to Odyssey Voyage. The Key/Value should then appear in the element inspector.

Connections and the Google Ad Manager Element

Each element in a Voyage can be connected to and from a subset of other elements. The available connections for the Google Ad Manager element are listed below.

These elements can connect to a Google Ad Manager elementThese elements can be connected from a Google Ad Manager elementSchedule
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